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wizards enymy is to hard


this is really good

I feel like i can play this game for hours

Game is glitched for me :/ everytime I try to play it just thinks I'm holding the up arrow key so I can't press anything and when I open the menu by pressing "Esc" it just keeps scrolling up through the menu and I can't close it, having to close the game. Not sure if it is on my side since I tried to test if I was having the same glitch on other games and just on notepad itself.
Really like the art and the idea and kinda bummed about the glitch. :(

Hey, sorry to hear.  I know rpg maker 2003 can have some issues with keyboard input not working on windows 10. But haven't heard of that one before. You could try this fix and see if it works for you.


I love this kind of games. Here's my video.


This game is amazing. I love the retro feeling. It makes me feel like playing on a gba or gbc. This is definitely well made giving the player the choice to quickly get to the next level or clear the enemies to get a reward. This gameplay mechanic is really interesting and one that I have not exposed myself to alot.  A really great game and ill rate this a  rabbit/10


Great game. Love the retro visuals.